2000GTV Rally spec

We received this car as a painted shell and a lot of boxes of old worn out parts. Besides that there was a freshly rebuilt engine that had been sitting on the shelf for the past 7 years. So our job was to make it into a cool, fund and quick car. Suitable for rally driving, trackdays and giving it’s owner pure fun on every mile.

On starting we found out that there was still a lot of bodywork to be done. Quite a lot of shortcuts were made when the car was painted 7 years ago, so we fixed all these. Then we went to all the boxes, looking out the best parts, restoring parts & buying new ones when there was nothing usable to be found. Built everything up, managed to get the doors to close the way they should (which was a hard task as the sills weren’t replaced the way they should have been). Installed the engine and all other goodies and then, tada, a working car.


One completely cool 2000 GTV with all the parts you want. It goes like stink, handles on rails and brakes the way it should; providing the owner with miles of smiles.